What’s Peace Corps Like in Tanzania?

Meet Jenn.

Meet Jen

Jenn is a Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Tanzania and she is just two months away from completing her service! Way to go Jenn!

Above, Jenn is standing behind her house wearing a tradition ‘kanga’, a skirt/wrap that her host mother made her, while holding a jembe, which is a widely-used farm tool that locals use to garden and manage crops.

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What’s Peace Corps Like in Guatemala?

Over five years ago Jeanne served as a Youth Development Volunteer in Guatemala. Today, she shares her experience with us and the incredible projects she worked on in her community!

When and where did you serve in the Peace Corps? Did you get to pick your country?

I served in Nebaj, Guatemala from 2011-2013.


From 2011-2013, I served in northwestern Guatemala in the picturesque Maya Ixil town of Santa Maria. At that time, you could not pick your country, and were instead “worldwide available”. However, since I was in the application process for over 2 years (applied first with my husband and then on my own), my recruiter and I got to know each other really well! So, when it came time to nominate me on my own as an infamous SWOS (serving without a spouse) candidate, he gave me the choice of a region, and I picked Latin America.
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What’s Peace Corps Like in Ukraine?

Meet Sean, an RPCV (Returned Peace Corps Volunteer) who served in Ukraine from 2009-2011. Sean, a friend of my brother, was kind enough to help me out with this blog post and give us a glimpse into his experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Eastern Europe!


1. When and where did you serve in the Peace Corps? Did you get to pick your country?

I served in Kolomyia, a town of 60,000 people in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast in western Ukraine from 2009 to 2011.

When I applied to Peace Corps, I gave a preference for Sub-Saharan Africa. I had taken a few classes and written my bachelor’s thesis on this region. However, no volunteer positions were available at the time I was planning to be ready to leave after graduation.

At that time, Peace Corps volunteers were asked to be flexible and willing to go anywhere – a philosophy that I appreciate. I was almost sent to Central Asia, but ended up in Ukraine – and the rest is history.

Kolomyia, Ukraine

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What’s Peace Corps Like in Peru?

Meet my friend Steve. Steve is a Community Economic Development Volunteer in Peru. I met Steve out in Lake Tahoe, California where we both worked in similar positions that focused on community and regional development (I had a lakeside office, Steve did not). During winters, we played together on a broomball team, which is a ridiculous and fairly dangerous hockey-like ice sport that I will most likely never play again in my life. Today, Steve is going to tell us what it’s like living and working in Peru as a PCV.


When and where do you serve in the Peace Corps? Did you get to pick your country?

Currently, I serve in Motupe, Lambayeque, Peru. Motupe is an urban center, like a suburb of our department Lambayeque’s capital city. We grow the most delicious and juicy mangoes, along with other types of agriculture. I began my service in July, 2016 and will finish in July, 2018 (9 more months to go!).

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