#FoodFriday: Oh-so-Easy Coconut Milk

I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I just did a #FoodFriday blog last week.  I usually only like to post one per month, but this week I made my own coconut milk from a FRESH coconut and I just need to share it with the world.


…and kick myself because it’s SO easy. How have I been here for two years and not made this before?! Shakin’ my head.

Let me tell you how it all started… Continue reading


#FoodFriday: Chilero (Costa Rican Hotless Hot Sauce)


In any “soda” (a restaurant where you can find comida tipica / classic Tico food) here in Costa Rica, you’re bound to find a massive jug of what looks like pickled vegetables on the table. It’ll be loaded with different colors, flavors, and spices and probably look as though it’s been sitting there for a few days–or even weeks–and chances are it has.

Que rico.

Before I get into what chilero is let me just say that this is MY recipe and how I learned to make it, so I don’t want to hear anything about how ohhhh it needs vinegar, or this or that vegetable, or that your host auntie makes it different. This is TALIA’S recipe so lay off. Continue reading