7 Spanish Songs to Kick Off Your Summer

With the abrupt end of my Costa Rican summer (rainy afternoons are in full swing now) and the blossoming warm weather in the places that I love like Colorado and Wisconsin, I feel like I should share a few songs that brought me happiness during the long, sunny, hot summer days here down here in my tropical paradise.

So here they are, the top 7 canciones en español from my summer 2017.

My #1 right now…

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Música de Mi Vida: Diciembre

I think anyone who’s ever lived somewhere where in snows during Christmas would agree that the holidays just aren’t the same without some white fluffy stuff in the air. Just a few weeks ago I was in San José and walked into Starbucks, wearing a tank top and shorts, only to become emotionally overwhelmed by the red cups bedazzled in snowflakes, frosted holiday cookies, and Christmas classics blasting down from the ceiling. It all took me by surprise.


Is it December already?!

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My First 42K Marathon + 5-Hour Running Playlist

I just ran my first marathon last weekend! That’s right, the 42k, the 26.2, the whole shabang.

How was it?

Exciting, terrifying, exhausting, rewarding and thrilling.

…kinda like making through the end of a horror film.

Overall, it went better than I expected. My goal was to not walk (start low reach high right?) so I was just happy to finish the race without walking. The first 75% went great. I was cruising up until mile 18 and then things got rough. Real rough. The sun came out, the route turned solo, there was hardly any other spectators or runners around, and my stomach started hurting from all the GU energy packet things that I had consumed over the last few hours..Oooof. I fully regret choosing flavors such as espresso, peanut butter, chocolate and peanut butter (twice, really?), and vanilla.

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Música de Mi Vida: Julio

Music has been a very important part of my life as a Peace Corps Volunteer. It’s what I need when I’m feeling sad, it’s what I want when I’m feeling happy, it gets me through my runs and helps pass the time on any and every lengthy bus ride.

When I lived with my first host family during Pre-Service Training I would clean the house every Sunday with my mom and sisters and jam out to the radio. Since then, Latin music has really grown on me and has become an important part of connecting with the Latin language and culture.

In light of my newfound appreciation, I want to share some of the tunes I’ve been listening to while I’ve been in Costa Rica.

Hondo Agujero – Le Parody

I was half sleeping on the 5am bus listening to my Spotify Discovery Playlist when this song came on. It’s very eclectic and…interesting. But I dig it! I’m just such a sucker for the trumpets!

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