#FoodFriday: Oh-so-Easy Coconut Milk

I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I just did a #FoodFriday blog last week.  I usually only like to post one per month, but this week I made my own coconut milk from a FRESH coconut and I just need to share it with the world.


…and kick myself because it’s SO easy. How have I been here for two years and not made this before?! Shakin’ my head.

Let me tell you how it all started…

Last Saturday, I was working at the farmer’s market with my partner women’s group and one of the vendors was selling 3 coconuts for only 1000 colones. That’s 60 cents per coconut!

It’s coconut season y’all

I wasn’t sure what exactly I was going to do with them, but I purchased 3 with intentions of making something creamy and delicious. Little did I know how easy it is to make coconut milk at home.

All you need is two ingredients: warm water and coconut meat.

Batta bing batta bang!

I took my coconut out back and sliced the top off just a little (with a machete fyi) to get out all the delicious coconut water, which I used instead of water to make my daily chia pudding.

I then macheted the coconut in half, scooped out the meat, and threw it in a blender (this is all sounding so aggressive) with some warm water and blended away. The coconut chunks slowly turned to shavings swirling around like an edible snow-globe. Nom nom.

I added in a little stevia and cinnamon, cause I’m daring and adventurous, and then poured it through a strainer.

If you don’t have a blender you can also grate your coconut, soak it in water and strain it through a colander or a cloth bag. A stocking/sock also works, not like I’ve tried that or anything…gross…

In the end I was left with horchata-y coconut milk and fresh coconut shavings which I snacked on throughout the week and threw in my chia pudding.


Coconut milk can and should also be used to make delicious piña coladas, other tasty tropical drinks, and as a replacement for any recipe that calls for regular milk.

Now go find yourself a coconut and make magic.




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