My Denver Baecation

My last blog post was only a two weeks ago but I feel like SO MUCH has happened since then.

In a nutshell, July has been a whirlwind of spectacular events with wonderful people.

On July 14, Camp GLOW wrapped up it’s second week of production with our second group of high school girls.

**sniff sniff** I’m so sad it’s over since it was such a fun project to work on and I’m so happy with how it went.

Both camps were unique and special in their own way, thanks to two great groups of girls and the fellow volunteers who came to help out (thank you thank you thank youuuuuu).

During the second camp, Camp GLOW took over Peace Corps Costa Rica’s facebook page for the entire week, giving a day-to-day insight of our camp.

If you missed it, you can check out what we did during Camp GLOW Week Two here.

After the camp ended, I made a vigorous 8-hour dash up to San José to catch a flight to Denver for a much anticipated trip to visit my boyfriend Alex.

We did lots of great American things like eat too much food, drink good drinks, see a baseball game, and plenty of urban and outdoor exploring.

Aannndd I met for the very first time and instantly became besties with our new cat, Toña, who we named after our last trip to Nicaragua. She’s a sucker for cuddles and laser pointers.

When I first got back we took a 3-night trip up to a little country bumpkin’ town called Leadville where we hiked the tallest peak in Colorado.


It was BRUTAL. I was hurled over like a pansy at every switchback emotionally eating unsatisfying cardboard flavored energy bars and gasping for air.

Only 4 hours left to go…

I guess that’s what happens when you reach 14,439 feet after basically living at sea level for the past year and a half.

But I made it. And I’m putting it at the #1 most difficult hike I’ve ever done. That’s right Cerro Chirripó and Volcan Concepción, you’ve both been bumped. That altitude is a game changer.


Thank the lawdy our B&B had a hot tub.

When we got back to Denver, my mom flew out from Wisconsin to kick it with me. She’s a monster hiker and insisted on more grueling adventures.

So we hiked Sanitas in Boulder and Chimney Gulch in Golden…

But the fun didn’t stop there. On July 25, I got to see THEE Michelle Obama speak and it was fantastic. I darn neared bawled my eyes out when she came on stage because I just miss her so much. It was her very first appearance since leaving the white house so I was very excited to be there, especially right after finishing our GLOW camps, which were funded by Michelle Obama’s Let Girls Learn program.

To put the cherry on top of an already fun two weeks, I even got to see my old site neighbor Evan, who now lives in Denver and is about to start grad school in the fall. If you don’t remember him, I wrote an article about his Peace Corps site, La Casona, right as he finished his service a few months ago.

It was so nice to be back in Denver with friends and family, in a place far far away from gallo pinto, long bus rides, and loud motorcycles. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t difficult coming back to Costa Rica (I know, said no one ever).

But here I am, sitting in my favorite coffee shop in San Vito about to get on a bus and make the last leg of my trip back to Fila Naranjo. As hard as it was, and always is saying goodbye to the people I love, I know that the day will come (9 months or so but hey who’s counting) when we won’t have to say goodbye anymore. And until then, it’s all about enjoying the ride and all the feels!


4 thoughts on “My Denver Baecation

  1. Mariah August 17, 2017 / 7:39 pm

    I love reading your blog! You have a great writing style that keeps the reader interested. Very informative as to what the thoughts and feels of a PCV actually might be! Keep it up! 🙂


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