Camp GLOW: Week Two

During Week Two of Camp GLOW, we took over the Peace Corps Costa Rica Facebook page and posted daily updates about the camp. Below, I am sharing the posts that we did just to give some insight of our daily sessions during the camp.


We’re Princess and Tily, Community Economic Development volunteers serving in southern Costa Rica. This week, we’re takin’ over the Peace Corps Costa Rica Facebook page to bring you daily deets of our week-long girls empowerment and leadership camp, Camp GLOW, which starts tomorrow!

Day 1

Day 1 of Camp GLOW was a success! It was a jam-packed day full of tons of great activities.

In the morning, the group spent time making their bolsas de cumplidos (compliment bags), an activity that we’ll do throughout the week to create a positive environment and encourage our group to give and receive complements to each other.

Then, we spent almost an entire hour trying to untangle ourselves from our human knot! Afterwards, the girls were relieved to do some Zumba, led by PCV (and future Zumba instructor) Jasmine.

We finished the day with a session on Gender Equality & Empowerment led by PCV Princess that encouraged the girls to think about gender as relates to their community in Costa Rica.

Tomorrow, we’ll be focusing on relationships, reproductive health and health & wellness!



Day 2 & Day 3

The last two days of Camp GLOW have FLOWN by. Yesterday, we had a guest visit from the ebais (the community health center) who came to talk to the group about sexual and reproductive health and this afternoon, we had a special showing of Wonder Woman (and tons and tons of popcorn).

The group also had their first EVER yoga class, wrote their own heroine books, had a spaghetti bridge building contest, and did tons of team building activities.

Although we’re only on day 3 of our camp, we’re starting to see our campers come out of their shells and find their confidence!

Day 4

Meet the girls of Camp GLOW!

Today was our last day in the classroom and the girls learned about leadership in a session led by PCVs Jasmine and Tory and also from two local professional women who visited the group this morning.

Tomorrow, we’re heading out into the community to learn about local volunteer opportunities!


Day 5

Today Camp GLOW headed out into the community to learn about local volunteer opportunities.

First, the group visited a nearby botanical garden and had the opportunity the explore the beautiful area and receive a “charla” (chat) about the history of the garden. Although a local institution, it was all of the girls’ very first time visiting.

Afterwards we headed to a retirement home where the girls performed for and danced with the residents. They even had a quick session with the physical therapist and psychologist to learn more about the type of work they do.

On our way back to the high school, the girls talked about how much they too wanted to study psychology and work with “adultos mayores” (older people)!


Day 6

And that’s a wrap!

Today was the final day of Camp GLOW. The group celebrated at a rural tourism farm in PCV Tily’s site where the girls hiked, enjoyed a small (but fast) waterslide and a homemade lunch after their graduation ceremony. We’re all so proud of the girls who attended and grew so much over the past 6 days!

Thank you to all for following along with Camp GLOW this week. And a seriously big thank you to PCVS Amber, Natalie, Katie, Jasmine, and Tory for helping with the camp. We couldn’t have done it without you.

If you are PCV and interested in doing a Camp GLOW in your community, don’t hesitate to contact me for more information or just to chat.

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