A Costa Rican Campo Christmas

Over the past few weeks, the thought of being away from home — away from friends, family, snow, cheese, Christmas cookies, wine — all the things that are comforting to me during winter and Christmas, was a difficult truth to swallow.


But now that Christmas has come and passed, I feel appreciative of the time I spent with new friends and family, under a hot hot Costa Rican sun, with 3 wonderful Peace Corps volunteers, endless Christmas art activities, too much karaoke, ridiculously priced cheddar cheese (I’m from Wisconsin, it was necessary), not-so-delicious red wine, and Christmas cookies (yes, we made it happen). Continue reading


#FoodFriday: Easy Raw Carrot Cake Energy Balls


When I first got to my site in Fila Naranjo, I was really trying to work on this whole “integration” thing. I went to church with my host family, I played soccer on Wednesday nights, I worked on a farm, I cooked side-by-side with women in the community kitchen, and I ate everything my host mom cooked for me.

I mean, everything.

Piles of rice, bowls of beans, breads, fried foods, sugar-filled juices, empanadas…all of it. Continue reading

Música de Mi Vida: Diciembre

I think anyone who’s ever lived somewhere where in snows during Christmas would agree that the holidays just aren’t the same without some white fluffy stuff in the air. Just a few weeks ago I was in San José and walked into Starbucks, wearing a tank top and shorts, only to become emotionally overwhelmed by the red cups bedazzled in snowflakes, frosted holiday cookies, and Christmas classics blasting down from the ceiling. It all took me by surprise.


Is it December already?!

I walked up to the cash register and asked for a pumpkin spice latte but was politely declined and offered a seasonal holiday chocolate chip dark cherry mocha instead. Continue reading