26 Things I’ve Done in My First 6 Months as a PCV

While November was a hectic month filled with a trip back home to the states, a week-long Peace Corps training in San Jose, and a hurricane/tropical storm, it also marks the completion of the first quarter of my Peace Corps service.

Yup, Tico #31 is officially 25% of the way done. Whoot whoot!

It feels…
Surprising, where has time gone?
Empowering, I’m still happy to be here 🙂
Fantastico, hey, I know some Spanish now!
Exciting, can we start some projects already? Continue reading


Tropical Storm Otto Hits Costa Rica

This past Thursday, Costa Rica and Nicaragua were hit by Tropical Storm Otto.


The storm made landfall on Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast at 1pm on Thanksgiving Day as a Category 2 hurricane but quickly lost strength and was downgraded to a tropical storm. According to the US National Hurricane Center, at it’s strongest, Otto had winds of up to 110mph.

While the central and southern regions of Costa Rica were not terribly affected by the storm (except for excessive rain and flooding in some areas), the northern region has been severely damaged. Continue reading

Soy La Hija de Mi Abuela

Soy La Hija de Mi Abuela
I am the daughter of my grandmother

Growing up, I was always with my grandma.  I grew up on my grandparents’ farm in the countryside of Wisconsin, riding horses with my grandpa, gardening and cooking with my grandma, and spending time with my family…kickin’ it country bumpkin style. I absolutely loved living on a farm when I was younger, and more than anything, living with my grandparents.

As a little girl, I learned a lot from my grandma.

She taught me how to shoot a gun… Continue reading