Fiestas Patronales in Fila Naranjo

This past weekend the annual Fiestas patronales (Patronage Festivals) were hosted in Fila Naranjo.


This was the first big celebration that’s happened in my community since I’ve been here so to say the least, I was pretty excited and intrigued to find out how Big Fila gets they party on.

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Monthly Update #2

Month 2 is here and gone! Not a ton has happened this last month but things have been busy enough in Fila Naranjo to keep me ocupada (and emotionally stable).

Courts for Kids


During the last week of June I went to help a nearby volunteer with one of her projects working with Courts for Kids. Courts for Kids is a US-based nonprofit that partners with international organizations and communities to help disadvantaged areas build courts for outdoor sports.

IMG_2855 (1)
Along with some local community members and other Peace Corps Volunteers, a group of volunteer high school students from Louisiana came to help build the court. Continue reading

Música de Mi Vida: Julio

Music has been a very important part of my life as a Peace Corps Volunteer. It’s what I need when I’m feeling sad, it’s what I want when I’m feeling happy, it gets me through my runs and helps pass the time on any and every lengthy bus ride.

When I lived with my first host family during Pre-Service Training I would clean the house every Sunday with my mom and sisters and jam out to the radio. Since then, Latin music has really grown on me and has become an important part of connecting with the Latin language and culture.

In light of my newfound appreciation, I want to share some of the tunes I’ve been listening to while I’ve been in Costa Rica.

Hondo Agujero – Le Parody

I was half sleeping on the 5am bus listening to my Spotify Discovery Playlist when this song came on. It’s very eclectic and…interesting. But I dig it! I’m just such a sucker for the trumpets!

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The Day I Saw a Pig Die

Se dicen que si alguien tiene el miedo cuando se está viendo un cerdo muere, el cerdo no va a morir en paz.  

They say that if someone is afraid when they are watching a pig die, the pig will not die peacefully.

This past Thursday, I watched a pig die. I watched it with fear in my heart and pain in my eyes and sure enough, that pig did not go peacefully. Call me superstitious but I think it was my fault.

I didn’t necessarily want to watch it but I felt like I should. The lifestyle here in the campo of southern Costa Rica is so heavily based on agriculture–coffee, livestock, sugar cane, produce–and killing animals for comida is something that happens every day. Everyone is accustomed to it, and it’s just the way we live here (c
ause I guess I’m part of the group now too). Last week, we had a community raffle and the prize was a live pig.

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